This Month: Food and Minimalism

April showers bring May flowers and dreams of bountiful harvests. What better month to see how we can apply minimalism in the kitchen to food, cooking, and eating as the season of abundance arrives?

Food is a big topic so I’ve selected a few essentials I’d like to explore this month:

  • Declutter your kitchen
  • Define what healthy eating means for you and your family
  • Sustaining healthy eating habits in your family
  • Simple, healthy recipes for busy families
  • Low-maintenance kitchen gardening
  • Connecting the dots: Food habits, the environment, and sustainable living

I’m also happy to launch my Minimalist Menu this month.

This is not a food blog and in fact I am not much of a cook when left to my own devices in the kitchen. However, I do love to experiment with food using other people’s recipes. In the process I have become a better cook. I have put together a collection of my favorite weeknight recipes to share with you.

This is the first of many such resources to come. It is my intention that these resources support my readers in their efforts to lead a simple, sustainable life. Because food is a cornerstone of our lives it seemed appropriate to offer the Minimalist Menu first.

The 25 recipes featured in my Minimalist Menu meet the following criteria:

  • They are made using simple ingredients and real foods
  • They are fairly quick and easy to follow
  • They require only basic kitchen tools to make (and occasionally, a crock pot)
  • They are family approved
  • Plus, the Menu includes at least two vegetarian meals a week

Weekly Shopping Lists

Weekly shopping lists are provided to save you time and effort. The shopping lists separate what you may already have in your pantry from what you may need to buy at the store.

Tell me what you think

I would love to hear what you think of this collection of recipes. Please write to me at tumbleweedsandseeds [at] gmail [dot] com and tell me which are your/your kids’ favorites or least favorites, how you adapted recipes, if you found the menu budget-friendly, or anything else you’d like to tell me.

I’m also considering creating a seasonal menu to incorporate more sustainable eating principles and would love to hear your thoughts on that. If you have a recipe you would like to share, please do send it to me. I may include it in a future edition of the Minimalist Menu.

If you find this minimalist recipe collection useful, I’d really appreciate it if you shared the love and forwarded it to your family and friends or shared it on Facebook or Twitter. Or better yet – send them the link to Tumbleweeds and Seeds ( so they can download their own copy and discover the wonderful world of simple living and eating themselves.

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    This sounds like a fantastic idea. Food is a topic I struggle with, both in relation to minimalism and to sustainability. It would be great to read more about your approach so I can consider how to incorporate some of these ideas into my own life.

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