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Mastering the Art of Slowing Down


Hi! It’s been awhile, I know. This summer I’ve taken a break from self-imposed schedules, new business ideas, and blogging.  I started the summer off with the worst flu I’ve had in years that lasted almost the entire Month of June. When I finally returned to feeling like a functional human being, I asked myself – What was that about? Why did I get so sick? Why did it take ame so long to recover? I thought I had been taking care of myself and had slowed down enough that I would have more resilience in the face of illness, but as the days and weeks of recovery dragged on, I had to admit that wasn’t the case.Continue Reading

What Does Healthy Eating Mean to You?


The topic of how to simplify life in the kitchen wouldn’t be complete without talking about healthy eating. For mothers especially, it is a daily challenge just to get food on the table that suits our kids’ changing tastes, let alone getting them to eat healthy. Multiply that by however many kids you have and feeding a family quickly becomes all-consuming. Continue Reading